Blown off course

After our stay in Hot Springs, Deas and I were set to head further west by driving through Oklahoma.  We were packing up the RV that morning, when the very nice camp host knocked on our door and told us we might want to reconsider our course, because there was severe weather predicted in Oklahoma. … Continue reading Blown off course


A couple of months ago, Deas and I took our very first trip in the RV. We were headed to Red Bay, AL (where our Tiffin RV was manufactured) but we were going to take several days to get there. Our first stop was the Conecuh National Forest in south Alabama. The day we left, … Continue reading Outlaw

Go West

We are finally heading out on our big trip!  Deas’s first goal was to get west of the Mississippi as fast as possible.  We left Georgia on Monday, and had one last service appointment that afternoon, so didn’t actually hit the road until 4:00.  We drove for a couple of hours and spend the night … Continue reading Go West