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  1. Hi Nealy’s! I do remember you (and the pups) from Grayton Beach and are thrilled for you that you are now RV’ing. Glad to see you have a blog and are sharing your adventures. I have such a limited knowledge of blogging and have no idea why the wrong address comes up. Blogger has a pretty simple way of inputing a link and I just copy and paste the address in. I have heard Word Press is much more user-friendly so you made a good choice.

    Sorry about your booze-induced ticket! What a drag. But, at least not all federal campgrounds have a no alchol policy. We are loving the federal campground we are volunteering at and our only complaint is the lack of internet in the wilderness…but I will not complain too loudly about that. We are headed to Montana, Canadian Rockies, Washinton, Oregon, and northern California before we start a long winter stay in, of all places, Grayton Beach. YEA! Take care and safe travels. I’ll try and link you blog to my blog roll – it’s GREAT!

    Nancy (RVAGOGO)

  2. Thought we should get on your bandwagon since many of our blog friends have meet up with you in your travels west. That’s the same place we crossed paths with most of these new friends. Now that we are in the east and heading to FL for the winter, we won’t be seeing them til next year when we head west again. Enjoy the remainder of your travels in the beautiful west!

    1. Hello! We are actually headed back towards Florida also – we have a house in Grayton Beach (in the panhandle) where we’ll be spending the winter. Where are you headed in Florida? Maybe our paths will cross somewhere down there!

  3. I did look to see exactly where Grayton Beach was located. The last two times we wintered in FL we spent the month of April in Miramar Beach. However, this year we will head north April 1 to revisit family and then around mid May begin our trip west. We will be staying in the Ft. Myers and Cortez (west of Bradenton) from Jan. thro March. We are very anxious to return to the west. After 14 months out there, we realized we would much rather spend our time out there. I am addicted to mountain hiking and rocks!

    So maybe if you head west again we’ll meet up out there. You live in a beautiful area:) We really enjoyed out time in the Panhandle.

    We’ll be following along on your blog and watch where you are headed next year.

  4. I have enjoyed your blog and your photographs. We want to travel the country and photograph & paint. you are excellent role models for this life style. It sound like the diesel pusher is the way to go. The extra length is nice as well.

  5. Hi Nealys! We’re working on a plan to do that same next year and were just looking at a 2011 Tiffin Allego Red. Now that you’ve been in it for a couple years, do you still love it? Anything you don’t like? Does the king bed feel cramped or totally worth it? Thanks so much for writing about your experiences!

    1. Hi Jaime! Yes, we are still very happy with our Red. The king bed is absolutely worth it! Yes there is a little less room on each side of the bed, but how often are you just walking around your bedroom anyway. For us, the king bed was probably our #1 must-have item and I’m very happy with have it. If there’s anything I could change about the whole coach it would be that I wish we had a little more counter space in the kitchen. We cook in the rig a lot, and there’s just one small area of open counter space between the sink and the cooktop. But as far as reliability and dependability, it’s been fantastic. Good luck and keep in touch!

  6. Jennifer, thanks for your response! Limited counter space seems to be an issue in most RV kitchens but you probably get used to it and learn to cook “smaller”. Right? Thanks again. If you find yourself near Redondo Beach, California, let us know and we’ll buy you a beer!

    1. Yes, you just to learn to live with it….and less counter space means less counter top to clean also. 🙂 We won’t be heading west again until next year…this summer we’re traveling up the east coast and going to Maine. So maybe by the time we do head west you’ll be RVing too by then!

  7. Nice site! Your photos are wonderful!! If you get back to Maine and the Atlantic Maritimes again, let us know! Lots more suggestions of places that aren’t such tourist traps but every bit as beautiful! Also, if you get back to Cape Breton, consider taking the ferry from N Sydney and spending week or three in Newfoundland! It’s a magical place with photo ops nearly every mile, and the people there are wonderful. We bought a rig in December and preparing to fulltime within the next few months. Looking forward to following your posts! Cheers!

    1. Thank you! We will definitely go back to Maine and the Maritimes someday. We’d love to visit Newfoundland too…but we don’t like the fact that you have to leave your dogs in your RV for the long ferry ride, so we probably won’t do that anytime soon. Congrats on going fulltime!

  8. Following your blog and learning about the whole full time RV life. We are planning to do the same thing- in a few years. Would love to ask a few questions!

  9. Tricia and I have been researching travel blogs since January; have enjoyed reading about your travels, reviews and adventures. We are well on our way to joining the RV travel lifestyle, and creating our travel blog. Within the next two months we will be departing from Louisiana to Key West then Maine in time for the fall colors. Your blog has been a great source of information for us. Safe travels….Craig and Tricia

  10. Wow- just came across your reply. We are currently living in Covington, still trying to sell our home. So, the East Coast is on hold. Following y’all on Instagram!

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