Our RV

4 thoughts on “Our RV”

  1. I just found your site searching for information and photos of Two Medicine Campground in Glacier. Your photography is amazing. I read your posting of Mammoth and the dogs! Wow. I’m sure sorry that happened. I know exactly how you must’ve felt. We have always traveled with three dogs, but most recently just two and that would be something that could most definitely happen to us. So glad it turned out well and you found your other little guy. What great kids to offer help to you too.

  2. Poking around found your web site and a reference to the Mammoth dog experience. Wow. Glad all ended well. Dogs and their pictures always capture my attention. We have two, a male and a female. Both herding dogs (Aussie and English Shepherd). And they are predators I guess since they both like the chase. Your treatment by the other campers inexcusable, they should have helped. Lucky the teens stepped up to the challenge. Safe travels. BTW we hope to get back to Bar Harbor some day.

  3. Hello, I wanted to know if you have been happy with the Allegro RED?? It is on our short list. Excellent blog/photos. I also wanted to know what camera you use…. thanks, safe travels..

    1. Hello! Yes we are very happy with our RED. We’ve had some minor issues with it, but that’s to be expected with any RV. Overall it’s been a great RV. My camera is a Nikon D610, and I primarily shoot with a 24-70mm lens. Thanks for stopping by!

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