Crater Lake….Wow

Whenever Deas and I discussed our Oregon plans with anyone, inevitably someone recommended Crater Lake.  Everyone kept telling us how beautiful it was, how amazing it was.  I still wasn’t overly motivated to go.  Of course it would be beautiful.   After all, lakes are pretty, right?  What was so special about this particular lake?  Well, … Continue reading Crater Lake….Wow

Winchester Bay

Our next stop along the Oregon coast was another tiny town – this time Winchester Bay.  With a population just under 400, and a total area of about 3 square miles, there really isn’t a whole lot going on other than crabbing and riding on the sand dunes.  But there is a very nice county-run … Continue reading Winchester Bay


From Netarts we headed south towards Newport, and we stayed at South Beach State Park.  It’s been fascinating to me how much the Oregon coast changes from destination to destination, and how different each location is.  Newport is a nice little city that has a historic bayfront which is still a very active fishing port. … Continue reading Newport