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  1. hi I just stumbled upon your sight. I’m looking for information about doggie daycare’s at amusement parks, for instance Dollywood. We have 2 doggies a Yorkie and a miniature Australian Sheppard and we want to start rv’ing with them. Any ideas? Do parks themselves offer them at their properties? Thanks in advance if you have used something like this. What do you do with your dogs when you want to visit a place and they aren’t allowed in?

    1. Hi Jolene! I know that Disney World in Florida has an on-site dog boarding/day care facility, but I don’t know about any other amusement parks. We have never used anything like that as our dogs do fine alone in the RV. As long as we are in a spot where we have electricity, we just leave the dogs in the RV if we go somewhere that they can’t. Since we live in our RV full-time, it’s no different to us than leaving them home alone in a house. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. So fun meeting you guys in Lexington this weekend! Loved hearing about your adventures and love for dogs. Enjoy the journey ahead!

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