8 thoughts on “Map”

    1. The map has been incredibly frustrating to update! I use Google Maps but it’s not always as user friendly as you would think – I’ve finally gotten the hang of it though.

      1. Hi there. About to head out on our inaugural RV trip! I was wondering if there was anything special (or concerns) about sharing Google maps with the “general public”? I plan on posting updates along the way. Love your blog!

        1. I usually update our map after we have left a spot. Sometimes I add the location while we’re still there. We don’t have any stalkers so no, I see no concerns about providing information on where we have camped. 🙂

  1. Love the stories and pictures. Using HDR?
    We are leaving from Sarasota in May with our 2 Black Labs, in the RV headed too Alaska for 5 months or so.

  2. Thank you for taking your time to share. I find that it has invaluable information, specially for me. We have had an Airstream travel trailer and we are downsizing to a small Wayfarer by Tiffin. God Bless!! Rita

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