More time in FL

Our original plan was to spend the entire month of March in the Florida Keys. But by week 3, Deas was still not feeling so great (lingering sinus infection as a result of his abscessed tooth/root canal), and the weather was starting to get pretty hot. We decided Deas really needed to see an ENT … Continue reading More time in FL

The Florida Keys

Deas and I spent most of March in the Florida Keys. I thought when I wrote this post I’d have lots of stories to share about kayaking, happy hours, and sunsets….but I’m also going to tell you about root canals and endodontists. So as you can see, it didn’t all go exactly as expected. It … Continue reading The Florida Keys

February in Florida

After a busy 2 weeks in Orlando, we were ready for some down time. Our next stop was WP Franklin, a COE campground in Alva, outside of Fort Myers. This is a really nice campground that sits on the locks of the Caloosahatchee River. 90% of the sites are waterfront, so you almost can’t go … Continue reading February in Florida