Alabama to Kentucky

Last fall, after spending the majority of the summer at our house in Georgia, we headed out in the RV for a couple of months before the holidays rolled around. After a quick swing through Florida, we decided to take the RV to Red Bay, AL – home of Tiffin Motorhomes to get a few … Continue reading Alabama to Kentucky


A couple of months ago, Deas and I took our very first trip in the RV. We were headed to Red Bay, AL (where our Tiffin RV was manufactured) but we were going to take several days to get there. Our first stop was the Conecuh National Forest in south Alabama. The day we left, … Continue reading Outlaw

Shakedown Trip

Once we purchased our new RV, our next step was to get her!  The RV was in Huntsville AL, and we are currently about 7 hours away in Florida, where are working on renovating a rental home that we bought.  Jeff, the guy we bought the RV from, was nice enough to offer to drive … Continue reading Shakedown Trip