Alabama to Kentucky

4 thoughts on “Alabama to Kentucky”

  1. My wife and I saw you guys eating at Rosies Mexican Cantina in Florence, Alabama. I almost came up to talk to you, but you were with others and I didn’t want to intrude.

    I originally found your blog in my quest for information on Tiffin Motorhomes and ended up reading all of your posts. Your adventures and writing were fun to read.

    Anyway, we are from Alaska and ended up buying a Tiffin Motorhome in Memphis and were in Florence to take two days of RV driving lessons. That’s when we ended up walking around downtown Florence and eating at Rosie’s.

    It’s nice to see you post again.


    1. Oh you should have said hello! We loved Florence – such a cute little town. I was terrible about updating the blog last year – we spent a lot of time at our house in Georgia so I just didn’t feel like I had that much to write about. But will definitely be posting more this year – in fact I’m working on a post right now! Maybe we’ll run into you somewhere else some day!

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