Step One – Buy an RV

2 thoughts on “Step One – Buy an RV”

  1. What floor plane do you have . We have a 34 qfa and don’t like the large dinnet wondering if that’s what you have .if you did did you take it out or leave it in.


    1. Hi Don! We have the 34GFA also, with the large u-shaped dinette. It’s not the most comfortable couch I’ve ever sat on, but we do like it because we can easily fit 4 people around it for dinner (for when we’ve had company.) We’ve also gotten up to 6 people in it when we had a large happy gathering at our RV one night. So overall, we do like it and have no plans to replace it. But what works for us certainly may not work for everyone. If you do decide to replace it, I’d love to hear what you decide to replace it with!

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