Wyoming Bound

6 thoughts on “Wyoming Bound”

  1. We well remember the wide open spaces of Wyoming, the winds, and the semis with big loads … mostly those huge wind mill propellers. And this was on our maiden voyage bringing the motorhome to Virginia from Oregon. It was a great trip. You sure landed at a great campground … and with 4G to boot … sounds like our kind of boondocking site.

  2. Beautiful! I want to explore wyoming so badly! Keep on taking photos and blogging….hope you guys are having a blast 🙂 I drove 758 miles from El Paso to Houston yesterday. Sadly my 3 week road trip ends on friday.

  3. We were going to stay near Pinedale/Boulder Wyoming on our way up to Montana, but we might try this campground. It will finally give me a chance to test out my Yamaha 2000 watt propane generator.

    1. We drove through Pinedale – it didn’t look too exciting. I would definitely stay here over Pinedale. Also, there is free BLM camping on the road right across the highway from where we stayed. We didn’t realize that until we were already set up. Deas rode his bike down that road and said there were some great sites there too.

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