Bandon, Bullards Beach, and Blogging Buddies

6 thoughts on “Bandon, Bullards Beach, and Blogging Buddies”

  1. Yeah!!! You got a pic of the doggies! Totally forgot about that one. Nice capture there. It was lovely to see you in Bandon & look forward to meeting up again in Cape Blanco.

  2. Shore Acres is beautiful at any time of year, but the BEST times to see it are:
    (1) when there’s a big storm at sea. The waves crash against those rocks sending spray over 50′ in the air and booms like thunder. Fantastic.
    (2) At Christmas when they light up the gardens, and gatehouse with thousands of Christmas lights and you can walk through it.

  3. We stayed at Bullard Beach State Park in June and had a lovely time. It is such a beautiful area! Your pictures are gorgeous! (I took pictures of the same lighthouse, but they aren’t nearly as nice as yours!)

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