Crater Lake….Wow

11 thoughts on “Crater Lake….Wow”

  1. Beautiful pictures! We loved Crater Lake, too AND we stayed at Diamond Lake. It was beautiful, but the mosquitoes were awful-it was early summer. The road was still closed half way around and the snow was 1-1/2 times Rich’s height. We saw a bear come out of hibernation the day we were there-1st thought it was a huge sloth-it had some pounds to pack on!

    1. We have heard the mosquitoes are awful during the summer. Luckily we were there late enough in the summer where it wasn’t a problem. I bet seeing the snow at Crater Lake is beautiful – and how fun that you got to see a bear!

  2. Crater Lake is amazing. My family went there when I was in high school. We took the boat ride around the lake and could see to the bottom the water was so clear. Definitely an amazing experience. Your pictures are beautiful. .

  3. Gorgeous! Crater Lake is our next stop and we are planning on staying at Diamond Lake so it was good to read a first-hand experience. Thanks for getting me excited!

    1. Glad you are going to go! You’ll love it. We had a pretty decent signal there too. We were in loop G – spot #37 I think. It was just barely big enough for our 35′ rig, but there were other bigger spots on the same loop. Can’t wait to read about your visit!

  4. Great pictures Never been there but now in the bucket list. Currently in Ohio til Dec 1 then Texas Have a great week Rick & Bandit

  5. Can’t wait to get there! We’re in the Black Hills, SD right now. unfortunately, we’ll have to put this on our list for next time we’re up north.

    Great pictures! Thanks for that.

  6. Hi guys, what ‘s going on? It’s Bryan & Marianne. We got the house thing done and headed to beautiful Northern MI. We loved Crater Lake too.
    Where are you headed next? We’ve been up here a month at Hearthside Grove in Petoskey. The most beautiful motorcoach resort so far. Heading south on Monday and hope to be in FL by New Year’s Eve. Send us a line sometime.

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