California Redwoods

7 thoughts on “California Redwoods”

  1. How funny! Looks like we both posted on the same area at the same time! I hear you’ve gone to the 395..we may see a there depending on how long you hang around. Enjoy those fall colors!

    1. That is too funny! Great minds think alike, right? Yes we are on 395 now and loving it! Hoping to meet up with the Watsons today – we’re planning on moving slowly so we should be able to hook up with y’all too. Fun!

  2. Jenn, your Uncle Eddie had a fit when we had to drive past Paul Bunyan – couldn’t stop because we were in the RV and I guess there was no place to pull over going North. Anyway, if he had seen the high admission price, it would have dampened his enthusiasm for going there. Did you all see some place out in the desert somewhere that huge dinosaurs? I can’t remember the state.

    1. The price was ridiculous – and I couldn’t really figure out what it got you besides a walk in the woods! There was a place on the Oregon coast that had dinosaurs, but I don’t recall seeing anything in the desert.

  3. Well we just missed you by a week. We to visited and loved the Redwood and stayed at the same RV park. I understand your frustrations trying to take the pictures of such a beautiful trees. I too was not able to capture their beauty. we’re in Newcastle California waiting on some more repairs and then we’re going to head east to our winter destination in Florida. Safe travels hope to see you this winter in Florida.

    1. We were actually there about 2 weeks ago – I’m just behind on my blogging! We’re going to start heading east back to Florida in a week or two ourselves. Haven’t decided what route we’re taking yet – which way are you going? Maybe we can catch up with each other somewhere along the way. But if not we’ll definitely see you in Florida!

  4. Glad to know someone else is behind on blogging. We are in Newcastle, CA and will be here for a few days before heading to Reno for a couple days, then across NV, towards Kansas City and St. Louis before heading south down HWY 55.

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