A Hometown Visit

7 thoughts on “A Hometown Visit”

    1. There are lots of great little restaurants in old Mandeville that are also easily accessed by the Tammany Trace. I hope you enjoy your visit when you go and if you want any specific recommendations let me know!

  1. What a wonderful tour of Mandeville, Jen. Sure made me homesick as always.. I see many of the homes are on stilts now, but nicely done so as not to be obvious. Did you see if Rip’s restaurant and motel is still there? I had some crazy times with my sailboat racing friends there. You did a great job on this update, the photos and commentary really give the feel of such a special area.

  2. Thanks! Rip’s was destroyed in Katrina. It has been rebuilt, but it is completely different. It’s now a large, nice restaurant built on stilts. Absolutely nothing like it used to be! We ate there about 5 years ago when we were in Mandeville, but didn’t go this time. If you google it you can see pictures of what it looks like now.

  3. We camped and rode bikes there many times over the years when we lived in Pensacola. You’re right, that area has grown tremendously over the years, which is always sort of sad to see. Still a peaceful place to stay and not too far to make a day trip to New Orleans. Is the water still horrible smelling/tasting?

    1. Are you referring to the water at the campsites? If so, no the water smelled and tasted fine. The water in the lake itself still looks pretty mucky. Glad you enjoyed the park also!

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