Bryce Canyon

13 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon”

  1. Yeah, I should have mentioned that. There actually were only a lot of people at the beginning and end of the trail – I think a lot of people walk down into the valley and then walk right back up again. The trail itself in between the two trail heads was much less crowded! I wish we had some some other hikes – the Fairyland Loop is supposed to be good also. Next time!

  2. Bryce Canyon certainly is a gorgeous one of a kind place. We had snow twice while we were there last year and it was the third week in May! Glad you had at least one nice day to hike down in the canyon.

    1. Crazy weather for sure! It was nice to get a few pictures with snow on the hoodoos, but I never could motivate to go watch the sunrise over the canyon, which I heard is beautiful. I feel like I just compiling a big list of things to do “next time” every where we go!

  3. You do look pretty cold in that picture but the scenery and pictures are stunning. Now I am sorry we only spent one day there.

  4. We loved Bryce Canyon and the Queen’s Garden Trail. We were there in the summer so our complaint was that it may have been a bit too hot but stunningly beautiful country. We look forward to spending more time in Utah. Your photos are gorgeous! 🙂

  5. As you’re finding out, Utah is an incredible state that requires meandering. And with all the elevation changes so changes the weather. I love how the red rock looks with a touch of snow…..don’t like the cold temps, but it sure is pretty. Kodachrome has thus far eluded our travels so I’m looking forward to your posts and all the beautiful photos 🙂

    1. Yes, you are very right about that – Utah is incredibly beautiful! I did like being able to get some pictures of the snow on the red rocks – it really was very pretty. But I do wish we’d had at least one more day of nice weather. Kodachrome will be the next post!

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