Hiking near Kodachrome Basin

6 thoughts on “Hiking near Kodachrome Basin”

  1. Oh, we really need to get back there to see the Grosvenor Arch and hike the Narrows. I was so disappointed that we couldn’t get to the arch. We did try. Do you have any idea what inches of mud attached to the wheels of a Jeep sounds like as it slaps the underside!! And then to have no control on the slick, wet, clay roads had us turning around after only a mile. Your blue sky sure makes the trip more inviting:)

    Looking forward to your Zion trip. We spent a month there and loved it!

  2. Yes, we were fortunate in that it had rained about a week before but had dried up. So the road was in very good condition when we were there. I can imagine it would be completely impassable if it was still wet!

    I’m so envious of your month-long stays – we only had 5 days in Zion. Since we’re not full time we find it hard to stay somewhere that long – we have so many things we want to see!

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