Palisade State Park and Spring Snow

12 thoughts on “Palisade State Park and Spring Snow”

  1. The snow sure is pretty with someone else’s MH in the photo:) Love the photo of the paddle boats and snowy mountains. Seems something wrong with that picture…haha!

  2. Wow…..Love that last shot. Sometimes the snow can be fun and make for some beautiful scenery but it’s always nice when it melts rapidly 🙂

    1. It was beautiful, but I was glad we were able to leave the next day – I think the snow on the ground was going to be there for a few days at least. I couldn’t believe how many of the RVs that were there went ahead and left on Sunday – they were all from Utah so I guess they were used to it!

    1. We are REALLY loving it! It just gets prettier and prettier everywhere we go. We skipped it last year so I’m so glad we’re able to be here this year. It’ll definitely be on our list for a return trip!

  3. The snow sure did make for some beautiful images but I have to agree with Pam, it would be better with someone else’s MH in the photo. That last photo is breathtaking!

  4. More snow!! My goodness. You guys are really hitting that crazy weather. Pretty spot though. We’ve never been there.

    1. This was the snow storm that occurred a couple of weeks ago – just getting caught on up on blogging. Definitely the most snow we have seen so far in the RV – and hopefully the most we will ever see! This is the park that I thought you and Paul might like because of the attached golf course. Utah in general has been so beautiful – we’ve loved every stop we’ve made!

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