23 thoughts on “Montana”

  1. John is going to love this – he spent much of his childhood in that area and since I have never been back there with him, I am enjoying seeing the area he loved so much. How did you get your pics to look like postcards??? Your photo have been spectacular and you may have found a new profession as a nature photographer!

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve really been working hard this year to improve my photography, and I got a nice new camera recently also. I hope John enjoys seeing the pictures too!

  3. We loved every bit of Montana that we explored during our two years in Yellowstone…such gorgeous country! Thanks for taking us there with your post. Stunning photos! 🙂

  4. I agree with Barbara… are spectacular. Your hard work is paying off. Hopefully I’ll remember to watch House Hunters this Saturday. I used to watch it regularly when we lived in our sticks n bricks. We intend to explore some areas along the Gulf this winter because of shows I’ve watched. We do R/E investing here and there and after a year off I’m getting a little antsy to jump back in.

  5. Thank you so much! I hope you are planning to come through Grayton Beach – we’ll be there for the winter ourselves starting in September. We’ve actually now sold the house from House Hunters as of a few weeks ago. We do RE investing also and know that area well, so if you do decide to do anything down there we’ll be happy to share info with you.

  6. We are headed to Montana soon. Thanks for the awesome photos and info on the town of Philipsburg. We will have to pay this place a little visit. I love the photo of the window “with the painting inside it!” You captured a good view there.

    1. It doesn’t look like we will get there that soon. I am aiming for mid August to be on the east side of Glacier. We will then go into Alberta around September 1 for about a month. Where are you headed after Montana?

      1. We’ll be on the west side of Glacier until 7/26, then we’ll be in Banff until 8/4. We’ll probably go to Waterton Lakes after that, and then we want to spend some time on the east side of Glacier. So it might work out for us to meet there then!

      2. Yes, we just might meet up!!

        We just watched you on House Hunters…how totally cool!! I loved the first house but the third one did make more sense. You got a great deal!! Hope it has all worked out since the purchase:)

        1. It worked out very well…we just sold it a few weeks ago and we’re pretty happy with that. 🙂 I hope it works out for us to meet up – we’ll stay in touch as it gets closer!

  7. Love the small town. Definitely going to add your finds to my list. What an great concept, a mini rv park.

  8. Hi guys, We’re a little late with this suggestion, but we hope you were able to visit Big Sky Brewing in Missoula. They make my “favorite-name-for-a-beer”: Moose Drool!

    Cheers, Kim & Don – Harvest Hosts

    1. We did visit Big Sky – in fact I’m just writing a post about our time in Missoula. We didn’t stay there though – we wanted to stay a week and figured we’d probably wear out our welcome if we tried to stay there a week. 🙂

  9. We too made a visit to Phillipsburg and their charming Brewery and we are also near Glacier NP now and who know we may bump into each other on the trail…

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