(Mis)Adventures on the Way to Maine

6 thoughts on “(Mis)Adventures on the Way to Maine”

  1. What an adventure to get to Maine! You must have been quite the sight dancing with the tree banches as the mosquitoes chased you. I can’t believe you didn’t let go of the branches. Good to see everything worked out and you have a beautiful view for the next five days:)

    1. I can’t believe I managed to hang on either….and I really can’t believe I managed to escape with no mosquito bites! We did really enjoy the site at Boothbay…working on that post now!

  2. Thanks for the entertainment! I just read your mosquito story aloud to Brandon as we make our way to CO.

    We used to hit the southern region of Vermont between Brattleboro and Bennjngton when we lived in the area and loved it. I’m sorry you didn’t have such a good impression of Bennington.

    Hve fun in Maine with Nancy and Betsy!

    1. Well, we were only there for a couple hours so it’s hard to get the true sense of a place in that short of a time. We did like the area further up into the mountains. Have fun in CO!

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