Bar Harbor Week One

19 thoughts on “Bar Harbor Week One”

  1. Acadia is a wonderful NP. And you are right about the neat carriage roads. We weren’t heavy into hiking back when we visited Maine but we did bike all over the park. The carriage roads make for great biking. Your photos so a wonderful job showing the beauty of the area:)

    1. We haven’t taken the bikes out yet, mainly because we always have the dogs with us, but we are hoping to take them out at least a couple of times. And thank you – it is such a pretty area to photograph!

  2. The area is really pretty and you got some great shots of it – easy to see why it’s a NP. We’ve just got to make it up that way next year.

  3. Such gorgeous images! We are planning on going to Maine in August. This will be our first trip. Thank you for this wonderful post. I hope to find these beautiful places (and take pictures) when we go.

  4. We visited Maine last month and didn’t want to leave!!! We loved Acadia NP – one of our favorite national parks. Watching the tide rise and fall so much was quite an event too. My husband took time lapse photos of low and high tide one day and it made for some spectacular photos. Have fun this month!

  5. Love that the park is dog friendly. What a coup! We’ve got to visit here sometime. Just wish the drive east was shorter.

    1. Yep it really is beautiful! Are you talking bout the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier? We were able to drive the whole thing. We had to kill some time for a week or so until it opened – but it was worth it!

  6. You always take the most amazing pictures. I can’t remember if I’ve asked this before but what type of camera do you use?

  7. Just started reading your website because we have a 2013 Allegro RED same size as yours … and love it! We’re leaving Orange County, CA on June 1st heading for Acadia National Park hopefully arriving around July 10th and staying for a week. I absolutely LOVE your photos of Maine and can’t wait for our trip. We’ve only made 2 reservations … 4th of July weekend in Vermont and FMCA Family Reunion in Massachusetts August 3-6, so wish us luck that we we’ll always be able to find a RV park 🙂

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