San Diego

7 thoughts on “San Diego”

  1. Great post about San Diego. We have two months at Mission Bay RV park starting early Dec if we can get out of this repair facility in time. We were there last year for the women’s march which was definitely the highlight of our visit.

    That trail park is truly enigmatic. I loved walking through it and pushing the boundaries of where you are allowed to walk. You have to wonder about the emotional and financial trails the residence experienced. It is as good a modern day ghost town as I have ever seen, and right in the heart of a big coast city. I hope that at least some of that area is restored to the crucial wetlands destroyed during the development of the whole bay area.

    We spent 2 days in the carrier and I might go back when we are there this year.

    If you are into fitness the Mission Valley YMCA is an easy 4 mile drive from the RV park and is an excellent Y with great classes. The cost is $73 a month for two adults and you get free access to a lot of classes including spin.

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