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  1. Nikki was beautiful. I’m so sorry. One thing I’ve learned over the years and the many traveling companions we’ve had is that even if you know it’s coming, we are never prepared. Take care. She’ll be in your memories forever as ours are too.

  2. I know everything you are feeling. My black lab mix, “Nikki”, was my baby for 14.5 years. So smart and so sweet. She was suddenly very sick and would require major surgery that the emergency vet said was very difficult for dogs to recover. I couldn’t cut her. I held her as the vet sent her on without pain. My husband & I cried with each other for over 3 weeks. Then, continued to feel like something so precious was missing for weeks. We still miss her and wish she was with us. We pray we see her again. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful memories & pictures. I hope you see your Nikki again too. God Bless.

  3. Jen,

    This is such a perfect tribute to Nikki. As hard as the end was, her life was about so much more and you perfectly captured that in this post. She was obviously a very special, very sweet dog. You know we are totally and completely biased towards Shepherds and there are so many things that you wrote that completely embody the Shepherd personality (though the friendliness with cats and stuffed animals is pretty confusing. 🙂 ), but even outside those things, she was clearly a fantastic, fun loving, goofy companion. I’m sure she made you guys laugh every single day. Anyway, when I was reading through this article, it so made me want to run out and get another dog because they are just so freaken wonderful. But when I got to the end, my heart broke all over and I thought “I don’t know if I can go through that again.” – because they are just so freaken wonderful. The truth is, there will never be another Nikki for you just like there will never be another Dixie for us. But we are so thankful that we got to be her owners and we got to spend so much time together, especially these last few years. You guys were and are awesome dog parents and Nikki was lucky to have you and you were lucky to have her. I hope all of these sweet memories help get you through these coming weeks. Hugs….

  4. My heart breaks for you. There’s nothing I can say to ease your pain but from reading your tribute post Nikki had a great life with you and there was a circle of love. A love that will not be forgotten.

  5. What a beautiful tribute. I’m so glad I got to meet goofy, gorgeous Nikki, and I’m so very, very sorry for your loss. There is nothing quite like the bond we feel with our furry family, and your bond was so incredibly deep. The joy she brought to you was immense, but so heartbreakingly short. Both Paul an I cried when we read what you wrote. She was truly a special doggie, and so very lucky she found you, and you found her. Fly free and bound happily Nikki, until you meet with you human family again.


  6. A beautiful and touching tribute to Nikki. Like us, you have no children and this was your baby, your heart dog. The older I get, the more difficult to get past the grief. It’s hard not having a dog now but I don’t know if I can handle the worry and the loss anymore.


    Sent from Barbara Pavel


  7. What a beautiful tribute to your companion and family member. The void left behind can never be filled, and my heart is with you in your grief. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories, and for taking Nikki on so many amazing adventures.

  8. It is a crushing responsibility to hold the life of such a dear friend in one’s judgment. Our sweet old Pink (whom you knew) reached a point where she couldn’t get up, and in another first, had zero appetite. She had to choose between food and breath, and ever the wise hound, she chose breath. I waited too long, but oh my goodness, it is so hard to let such observant, loving, and wonderful creatures go.

    It doesn’t help to rationalize, but Georgia Jen, you gave Nikki at least as much warmth and joy as she shone on you.

    I wish you the strength to, in time, find and care for another such friend.

    Jackson, Kat, and Bugger (Uncle Walt’s big black cat)

  9. It always amazes me to see the depth of love a dog brings to a human… will be a better person for the love of Nikki and will always have those memories. There are those dogs that do have a special soul and relationship with one person, mine was a Welsh Corgi named Squeak and yours was Nikki. Big tears from my heart for your loss…

  10. Jen and Deas, my heart Just brakes for both of you. You gave her a wonderful life, full of love and adventures. The memories will always be there, and she will forever remain in your heart. Much love and positive energy sent your way, always KB Dalal

  11. I came upon your blog since in your post you mentioned RVing with 3 dogs. We are dog people and are just considering buying our first RV as we want to travel with the pups.

    We started participating in canine disc dog events back in the mid 1990s wii our GSD Shadow. We lost him at age 10 after he had a similar issue as your sweet girl. He was such an amazing dog and gift to our family.

    We now have three Australian Shepherds that we love dearly and hope to take on the road with us. They are also escape artists and let themselves out of a hotel room last summer so we understand escapees.

    I am sorry for your loss but they hold such an amazing place in our hearts that she will be with you always.

    I’m enjoying your posts.

  12. Your love and friendship with Nikki shines in your words. My husband and I are in the research phase of RVing and I came across your blog. I can still vividly hear the bark of our dog we lost in 2014; she had smart, tender, and alert eyes like your beautiful pup. The hole never completely fills but the journey is never regretted.

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