Caprock Canyon State Park

3 thoughts on “Caprock Canyon State Park”

  1. The tree you are curious about are mesquite trees. They are pretty ubiquitous in Texas, save only the Transpecos and the Piney Woods. Consequently, they are a key component of Texas BBQ. I spent four years of gradschool in Texas and made several trips to the Caprock. It is a surprisingly beautiful area. I posted this about the area a few years ago:
    Have fun in Santa Fe, it is a great town!

    1. Thanks! My husband thought they were mesquite trees but we weren’t sure. Yes, we were also surprised by how beautiful Caprock was. I read your post – you got some great pics! Unfortunately we didn’t get to explore all of the park due to our early departure, but we hope to return again someday.

      1. When you are in Santa Fe, but sure to have breakfast or lunch at Cafe Pasqual’s and for dinner have a green chili cheese burger at Bobcat Bite. The place is a legend for its burgers across the country but it closes for good on June 9th. You won’t be sorry!

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