Grand Tetons and Yellowstone – in 2 days!

9 thoughts on “Grand Tetons and Yellowstone – in 2 days!”

  1. Yes, return again…with a toad! We are avoiding Yellowstone this year for exactly the reason you mention: the crowds. I wonder if it is much better early in the spring (if the weather allows) or late in the fall? That’s when I’d like to try to visit! Beautiful scenery though!

    1. Yes! My husband and I spent a week in Yellowstone in late May (before the kids got out of school). We were able to move freely around the park and the animals were coming out of hibernation. We saw grizzly bears, black bears, coyotes, fox, buffalo and big horn sheep. It was absolutely amazing and still my favorite place to this day.

  2. We spent 3 days in the Tetons and 3 days in Yellowstone last year and that wasn’t nearly enough time o explore it all. As you experienced, the crowds at Yellowstone are out of control. Frankly it was a bit hard to enjoy with so many cars and rental RVs out on the road. I agree that the way everyone just pulls over wherever they see wildlife is quite humorous. We saw one guy chasing after a HUGE elk trying to take a photo with his ipad. Never saw anyone taking pictures of chipmunks though- that tops it all!

    1. We’re definitely going to try to plan a return trip when we can spend more time there – and hopefully not in the middle of the summer next time! The chipmunk thing was pretty ridiculous – it just makes me wonder where these people live that seeing a chipmunk is something special!

  3. Yellowstone is one of my all-time favorite national parks. When we lived in Utah, we visited once each season. Summers are the worst because of crowds, but spring and fall are very nice and some of our best memories are from a late spring trip when the park was much quieter … and winter is magical, though getting in and out the park is not easy.

  4. We’re going there in late May and although I don’t bet on it, but I sure hope we’ll be lucky and get to experience the park without it being overly crowded. Seems like an amazing place.

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