Idaho Heat Wave

4 thoughts on “Idaho Heat Wave”

  1. I was going to suggest that you should have gone north in Idaho, but I just checked Stanley and it’s up near 90 in the day. When I went west in 2010, I didn’t take my sweatshirt off the entire summer. Perfect weather-60s and 70s. Glad I found your blog. Catching up, now. Have fun.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I think our options were plenty limited in trying to escape the heat. We ended up in Oregon in a very shady site with 50 amps, so we were able to get some relief. Looks like the temps are going down a bit – thank goodness!

  3. Wow, too bad about the weather. We are sweltering here in Montana. Who would have guessed? So glad to hear about your great experience with Harvest Host. We have considered joining, but never heard any reviews. Are you all going back to Florida this winter? We are heading back there for the summer and then up the east coast in the spring. Hope to see you again.

    1. Yes, we will back in FL for the fall and winter. Definitely want to catch up with y’all then if not before! We’ll be in Oregon most of July and northern CA in August, before we start working our way back to FL. I’ll keep an eye on where y’all are going to see if we can meet up somewhere along the way.

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