Hanging out in Oregon

7 thoughts on “Hanging out in Oregon”

  1. What a lovely time you’re having. Many congrats on the upcoming wedding. I just love Oregon and am leaving in my RV next weekend! 🙂

    1. The park had very mixed reviews, and we were a bit apprehensive, but in the end we really liked it. And I think on a non-holiday weekend it would be even better! The loop we were in was water/electric only, but they also had full hook-ups spots that backed up to a river that were very nice. If you want to be close to Mt Hood, it’s probably your best bet.

  2. What a neat site in the trees at Mt Hood. Looks like it was a bit of a tight fit! So glad you had a trail right outside your door! Enjoy your time alone!

  3. It WAS a tight fit – and it had a really weird angle. It was probably our most challenging parking job yet – thank goodness no one was around to watch us when we were trying to get it in there!

  4. Hi Jennifer and Deas, I’m glad you made it here safely to Portland and are having lots of fun exploring our beautiful city and state. I’m really looking forward to meeting the two of you (although I already feel like I know you after watching you and your awesome dogs on House Hunters). -Heidi Lay

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