Kelly’s Marina near Rockaway Beach

13 thoughts on “Kelly’s Marina near Rockaway Beach”

  1. So funny! I’ve done the same with “poop bags”! Only I have generally put them on the hood or on the bed cover of the truck and I drove very, very slowly. LOL Now they make dark blue ones with the ties, at the time the were BRIGHT pink!

    I’m making note of this campground. Sounds right up my alley–thank you. Did you have to make reservations? I love being around the water. I bundle up when it’s cold and enjoy myself much more than in the heat-sherpa hats are great. My chair would have been plunked down right near that water or on the dock, if allowed. That would have gotten you out of the smoke.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful place. I love crabbing–were they catching any? I can’t wait to see where you are next, and would love to see more pictures.

    1. We did not make reservations until an hour before we arrived! But it was one of only a couple spots left, and they said that they were fully booked for the weekend. So I would recommend making a reservation just to be safe – there are only 17 RV spots, all facing the water. It didn’t look like the people on the dock were catching much. But the people next to us crabbed from their boat and they caught a bunch of them. You can also rent boats from Kelly’s if you want to. It was a pretty cool place. Thanks so much for following along! We’re in Netarts now – I’ll have another post in a day or two!

    1. Yep, still renting….I really should write a blog post on towing vs. renting. The car we have now is a 2-week reservation, and we’ve been using it alot. I think I am slowly starting to wear Deas down!!

  2. Very funny! And so much better than leaving the bag on the ground. We pass abandoned, filled poop bags on occasion when hiking, and always wonder exactly how the person leaving them thought they’d find their way to a trash can? If they couldn’t be bothered doing so for their own beloved pet, exactly what random stranger did they think would?

    Regarding wild blackberries – we’ve likewise been picking and enjoying them for weeks. They make GREAT pancakes if you haven’t tried yet. They pop open during cooking just like blueberries do, and are dee-licious! We just had our second batch this morning as a matter of fact. 🙂

    1. I’ll have to admit that sometimes we leave poop bags on the side of a hiking trail, but ONLY if we know we are coming back that way and can pick it up on the way out. It’s no fun to hike holding a bag of poop. So hopefully some of the bags have owners coming back for them. But based on the amount of times I see people not bother to pick up the poop in the first place, it may not be likely.

      We love blueberry pancakes! I’m bringing something with us today to collect blackberries in case we run into another patch – blackberry pancakes sound delicious!

  3. Deas, sorry that I missed you in Portland but enjoyed meeting your wife. Our timing is still off as we have a house rented at Rockaway Beach for a week later this month. My sister, Rosamond is coming from Alabama to join us and our brother, Chris, who lives in Portland. We have a fishing trip planned for the 24th if you are still around and interested. We always max out. —Freddie

    1. Fred, I’m so sorry Deas missed seeing you, and he is too. I can’t believe we’ll miss you again in Rockaway Beach! We’ll be further south in Bandon by then. If something changes we will let you know for sure. Deas wanted me to tell you about a great place we found in Rockaway – Old Oregon Smokehouse. It’s a real dive, but we had some fantastic crab cakes there.

  4. Looks like a nice campground to me. And to find some decent pizza is a feat in itself. Not to sure what I’d think when I saw someone driving around with a poop bag hanging from their window though.

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