The Alabama Hills

6 thoughts on “The Alabama Hills”

  1. I am really looking forward to traveling this route. Everyone’e photos have been so wonderful. I love all those unique rocks in the Alabama Hills. Lucky you hit it right after the festival and had the advantage of the signs.

    Glad you met the Watson’s. They are such a great couple with an adorable dog.

    Travel safely on your journey east.

  2. We loved the Watsons! I wish we could have stayed with them a few more days. We really, really loved traveling Hwy 395 also. Paul and Nina had really talked it up, and we came close to skipping it, and now I’m so glad we didn’t. We are definitely going to try to visit it again next year, but we’ll allow a little more time to enjoy it next time.

  3. We will arrive on Saturday. We are new and not comfortable being the only one there. We like a 100 yard spacing.

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