The Grand Canyon

4 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon”

  1. We also just took a day trip from the RV park like you did, but one day is really not enough for the Grand Canyon. We had planned to spend some time at both the north and south rims in July/Aug but monsoon season came and the rain ran us off to CA, which turned out to be an even better choice!
    Seeing your photos makes me want to return to the GC one of these days…

      1. Spent a week at the North Rim this year. Well worth it…..make your reservations early. Nice CG but fills up fast. We made ours in Feb. for a June stay……….GO DUCKS!!

  2. Hi, I came to your site after seeing your post on the help forum:
    I have been blogging for 7 months and have the same issue. I think it must be a glitch with this theme. The only solution I found to work was upload text only in windows live writer and add photos into the media gallery separately, then upload them into the post… a real pain. So when I spotted your post in the forum today I checked it eagerly. I meant to post about it months ago. When I figured out to delete the thumbnails as the WP team suggest, it left a huge gaping white hole where they should have been in the photo side bar. I see your photos have continued to add twice, so I guess you found that out too.

    PS: Great pics! : )

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