5 thoughts on “Florida!”

  1. It’s nice when you find a place that feels like ‘home’. Those sandy beaches look so inviting….I can’t wait till Jan. when we hit the Texas coast. Thanks for sharing your RV journey 🙂

  2. Hi, I am Bob Penhollow. I have only been following your blog for a short time but just realized how much we have in common. First, my wife is from Memphis and has family there so we visit often. Second, our base of operations is the Destin area of FL. Our son lives in Miramar Beach. We are full timers currently staying in North Ft. Myers for the winter. I am an avid birder and belong to a birding club here. We are planning a long trip out west starting this spring. We do miss the beaches there though. Bob

  3. Hello, Bob! I didn’t actually grow up in Memphis – I just went to college there (Rhodes.) But I really enjoyed my time there and always like to go back and visit. We love this Destin/30A area – I can’t believe how much it’s grown to feel like home in such a a relatively short time. We loved our trip out west and I’m sure you will enjoy yours too!

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