Bison Bonanza

14 thoughts on “Bison Bonanza”

  1. Oh, wow! What an experience! You saw something I imagine few people see AND you got great pictures of it. I know the feeling of being surrounded by bison with dogs that want to bark at the “big dogs” outside the car. Lizzie would listen, but Jack…well, Jack was Jack as a two year old lab. I remember our first trip to Yellowstone and we were anxious to see elk and bison. After a while, Rich was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel wishing they’d move. I also remember taking Lizzie out, trying to avoid stepping in elk droppings (nearly impossible up by the springs), carrying a bag to pick up her waste. We laughed about that. Seemed so silly, but of course we always cleaned up after her.

    1. It really was one of my favorite sightings, just because it seemed so unusual. The dogs wanted to bark so badly – but when the big one walked right by the car they were pretty quiet – I think they were a little intimidated by his size also!

  2. We have such amazing memories of our two years in Yellowstone. You could probably pick any month of the year and it will be snowing somewhere in the park. We had many experiences being surrounded by bison and watching them jump across Slough Creek but I have never seen them swimming across the Yellowstone River. You have captured some great moments!

    1. Did you blog during your time in Yellowstone? I looked on your blog but only found a couple of references to your time there. I can only imagine the stories you must have!

      1. No, I began blogging after we left and headed to Mexico, mainly at that time to keep family and friends informed and so they knew we weren’t getting chased by the drug cartel. 😉

  3. Simply stunning. So ridiculously jealous. What a wonderful experience y’all had, thank you for sharing with us!

    1. I thought you might enjoy reading about it – glad you did! It really was pretty cool. If you make it to Yellowstone yourself, you’ll definitely get your bison fix – they’re everywhere!

  4. What a unique experience to see those Bison swimming across the river. That’s a lot of snow they still have. It’s melting rapidly here in Colorado 🙂

  5. The Beartooth Pass is one of our favorite roads on a motorcycle. There will be snow most of the year. We have done the road so many times. It never gets old.

    You had great wildlife sightings while in Yellowstone. I must have a thousand buffalo photos. I never get tired of them. You can imagine John’s nervousness when we are the motorcycle with the buffalo. Our last visit had us waiting over three hours as a herd of buffalo traveled 10 miles through a canyon to a new location. Since there was water on one side and a cliff on the other, they took the road. Thankfully, the park had a pooper scooper following them. The rangers estimated there about 150 in the group.

  6. When we saw that large group of bison on the road, I did see one guy on a motorcycle – and he was definitely keeping his distance! A three hour delay sounds a little frustrating but kind of hilarious! They definitely know the art of moving at a leisurely pace.

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