Yellowstone – Canyon Area Waterfalls

11 thoughts on “Yellowstone – Canyon Area Waterfalls”

  1. I do find myself thinking about the safety of these items bolted into the rock. I sure do hope they are inspected frequently, like every day!!! I had this feeling in Zion when using the chains on several hikes.

    Your photos are beyond gorgeous. Thanks fro sharing my favorite park:)

    1. Thanks! Yes I really hope those stairs are inspected frequently. Especially knowing they had just opened up for the season – I told Deas if he wanted to go back and do the trail he was on his own!

  2. Such breathtaking shots! It took me right back to our days in the park. Hubby did not like those stairs on Uncle Tom’s Trail as he doesn’t like heights, although he was a good sport and tackled them.

  3. Jennifer the first rule of exploring is never go alone! You are too adventurous for some of those more hazardous climbs. But your photography is spectacular.

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