Mammoth Hot Springs and an Unusual Find

12 thoughts on “Mammoth Hot Springs and an Unusual Find”

  1. Hmm, that book does sound interesting. While in TX, I found myself wandering around a small town cemetery with numerous headstones from the civil war era, but nothing compares to the cemeteries in NOLA.

    1. If you have a Kindle I can lend you the book on Kindle. And that campground is first come, first served – all of the sites on our row had that same view. It’s a great campground!

  2. We read the Death in the Grand Canyon book after our first time there. It was really interesting, so I’m sure the one about Yellowstone would be too.
    Nice view from your site!

  3. First of all Jennifer, your photos are fabulous and took me back to our days in YNP. We lived in government housing in Mammoth for much of our time there and loved it. We too have read the book “Death in Yellowstone” and found it fascinating. I spent much time wandering through that cemetery. Wish I would have taken more photos and had been writing my blog during that time. You are bringing back lots of great memories for us. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I found that cemetery about a month ago when I was out there with my family. My brother in law just happened to mention that he’d seen a cemetery as we were driving by, and I made everyone take a time out while I walked back to that spot to take photos. (They are very kind.) For some reason, I’m fascinated by cemeteries. Thanks for bringing this one to light – your photos are so much better than the ones I took! I also am going to get the book now and read it.

    It’s a unusual place, this cemetery. The markings are sometimes very cryptic (no pun intended) and made me want to know so much more about the place.

    Jen – did you use a special filter? I just bought a Nikon before we went on the trip, and I need to know what little gizzies to ask for at Christmas this year!

  5. Hi Cindy! Thanks for your note. I love cemeteries too – so much interesting history. I did not use any filter on these photos – they were taken with my Nikon D610 and a 14mm lens. I do have two filters – a Neutral Density one for long exposures, and a circular polarizer which I sometimes use when taking pictures of water. But I did not use either of them on these shots.

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