Glacier – Two Medicine Campground

29 thoughts on “Glacier – Two Medicine Campground”

  1. As usual, just gorgeous pictures. Campground looks great. Loved the waterfall. The flailing vid was so funny. Wish I could figure out how to load one to my blog. Glacier is certainly on our list. Maybe next year.

    1. Thank you! This is the first time I put a gif into the blog…it wasn’t too hard. The website I got it from provided the html code and I just copied and pasted into the post. Couldn’t believe I got it to work the very first time!

  2. We were fortunate enough to visit Two Medicine earlier this year…your photos took me right back, thank you! Indeed, a special place. Have you read Ivan Doig’s books set in that area? The books are as good as the area is spectacular. Your pictures are fantastic.

  3. This place looks amazing! We may just have to dry camp for a few nights even though we don’t have solar. We are fine as long as we can run the generator in the morning and evening for a few hours. Did you hear generators or did people all have solar? What was the hike that Deas and Kelly did?

    I am not sure you could get into Many Glaciers. We have friends that camp there often and said there was no way we would fit and we are 40′. Did you have someone suggested a place you would fit?

    1. We don’t have solar either – we always get by fine with just our generator. You can run generators in any of the campgrounds from 8-10, 12-2, and 5-7 each day. There are some campsites in Two Medicine that are generator-free, but those aren’t sites you would fit into anyway. The hike that Deas and Kelly did was the Pitamaken Pass – they said it was great. As far as Many Glacier, we did a drive through one day, and there were several sites we could fit into (we are 35′ long.) Of course, there is no guarantee that those sites would be the ones coming open on the day we wanted to arrive. I’m not sure if 40′ would work or not, but I would check it out when you’re there – the hiking there is supposed to be fantastic. But the big sites in Two Glacier are really big – you’d have no problem getting in there as long as one of the big sites are open.

  4. Sure seems like an amazing campground and looks like you found the perfect filter to slow that water down in the photos. Great job 🙂

  5. Sounds like another “favorite place”! Your photos are gorgeous and make me want to go there! I seem to remember you and I doing the mosquito run somewhere but I can’t quite put my finger on it!!!

    1. Yep, that’s Phoebe from Friends – that episode cracked me up and I always think about it when I’m running from bugs! Glacier is beautiful – definitely put it on your list!

  6. Once again your photography is stunning! We seem to be bug magnets as well but may have to deal with it to enjoy these spectacular views. We are headed to Glacier next year. Thanks for the great tips. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much! You’ll love Glacier. I think we’re planning on doing east coast next year, but if we go west again the following year, I’ll definitely want to revisit Glacier ourselves!

  8. Beautiful shots, what wide angle lens are you using? I think of that episode of Friends whenever I’m consciously trying to improve my form when I’m running.

    1. Thank you Pam! All of these photos were taken with my 24-70 lens. I have a full frame camera so that also helps me to get the wide shots. I also have a 14mm prime lens which I love and lets me get even wider shots.

  9. Wow!!! Look at that clear water — unbelievable! Hope to make it there soon and see the beauty for myself 😀 Glad to hear that you guys enjoyed it!

  10. Hi Jennifer. Beautiful photos! In checking out the route, I see you have to drive under a railroad bridge in East Glacier. I read it has a limit of 13′, but your RV looks taller. Our fifth wheel is a few inches taller, tall enough to take off the satellite dish, so we’ll have to go to St. Mary Campground.

    1. Hi Renee – Our RV is 12′ 10″ – so we were just barely able to get under that bridge. I think there is another way you can go that avoids the bridge, but I don’t remember for sure. You should also look into the Many Glacier campground – there are lots of great hikes up there!

      1. Thank you! You’re right. In learning of the 13′ limit on the trestle, I started checking out St. Mary campground and saw that you can get to it by taking the same highway to Two Medicine, thus cutting off a lot of travel, or going around to 89 then back, which is what (sigh) we planned to do. I see now on the map that we could take the reverse route to Two Medicine by entering at Kiowa! Thank you so much. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

        1. Just a side note. My husband and I measured the height of our fifth wheel, but can’t remember. Before the trip, we’re going to measure again and write it down in a prominent place!

          1. I am relying on the measurement info that we got from the previous owners of our RV! I found a piece of paper where they wrote down the height….hopefully they measured it correctly!

          2. Hi Jennifer, I checked and entering Hwy 49 at Kiowa to take the reverse route to Two Medicine is not recommended for trailers of vehicles over 27′. I posted a question on and received quick feedback that it’s not recommended as it’s narrow and steep. Well, we have to remeasure or fifth wheel, so we’ll find out if we’ll fit under that bridge.

          3. Oh, now that you say that I do remember reading that too. We never drove that way so I can’t tell you what it’s like, unfortunately. We did see several large motorhomes and 5th wheels in Two Medicine, so I’m going to cross my fingers for you and hope that your 5th wheel is less than 13 feet!

  11. Thank you! Not only crossing my fingers for that but that the fires will clear enough for us to go.

    1. Jennifer -Today we finally hooked up our fifth wheel and measured the highest point – actually measured the two AC’s. Our Trav’ler satellite dish, when in travel mode, is two inches shorter than the highest point which is the front low profile AC at 12′ 9 and 3/4″ with the back AC at 12′ 5 and 1/2″. We’re good to go if the smoke clears enough to go to Glacier and Two Medicine.

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