Montana Wrap-Up

19 thoughts on “Montana Wrap-Up”

  1. Isn’t it fun discovering all these little towns! We are on Rte 2 in MT heading to Glacier and having a great time in each little town.

    We love Red Lodge and The Bear Tooth!! We have driven it several times and each time we were on a motorcycle and it was mid June. One year the road had just opened! The lakes are always frozen and there are huge cut snow banks. One year the ski slope was open and the rope tow was going. Did you see the rope tow? It is our favorite road in the country. Sorry it was so grey for you but, as you said, it was still spectacular scenery:)

    Looking forward to your Colorado posts! We leave in the morning for East Glacier. I am so excited to get back in the mountains:)

    1. Yes, we LOVE the small towns – much more than the big cities. Red Lodge was awesome. We did see that rope tow! But it wasn’t running. And yes we were simultaneously posting on each other blogs I think – too funny! Can’t wait to read your Glacier posts!

    1. He stuck his head in the shot right as I clicked the shutter – but I thought it was so funny I kept it! Bear Tooth Highway is pretty impressive – I wish I’d brought my wide angle lens that day!

  2. Such beautiful photos! We absolutely fell in love with Montana when we spent our two years in Yellowstone. There are some great hikes down off of the Beartooth Highway and we loved the little town of Red Lodge. So glad you got to spend so much time there.

    1. We’ll definitely be back there ourselves, but it might be 2016 as I think we are doing the northeast next summer. I heard that you might be meeting up with Clark & Lynn – I hope you get to meet them! They are awesome and I think you’d all have a lot of fun together.

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