Jekyll Island…and an Unexpected Return to Florida

19 thoughts on “Jekyll Island…and an Unexpected Return to Florida”

  1. What an ordeal but so happy Nikki is going to be ok. She looks so much like our Abby that I was fearful as I read it but so glad everything worked out. Susan

  2. Oh Jennifer, what a heart wrenching ordeal… I’m glad you got the correct diagnosis and found the right surgeon for Nikki…
    Like you, i would do anything for one of my furkids…. BTW, Nikki is just gorgeous.. even with her “fancy” new hair do…

    1. Yes, heart wrenching is a good way to describe it! We are so very grateful we got this figured out in time and that she had such a great care. It’s a hard thing to deal with when you’re on the road!

  3. Such a difficult ordeal you went through with Nikki. I followed her progress on FB and we were rooting for her the whole time. I’m soooo happy she’s better!! Thank goodness for the right vets,mat the right time. And of course the girl is a trooper!

    By the way, we also loved Jekyll Island Campground despite the tight sites. We had a very peaceful week stay there in 2010.


    1. Thanks for rooting for Nikki – I so appreciate your thoughts for her! It was quite a scare. We really loved the campground and the island too – we’re definitely planning to return at some point.

  4. we may be visiting Jekyll Island once again this year and since I am a hop head I will have to try their IPA… we stay at Hanna Park when we do our doctor appts at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and simply love that park…

    1. You can find their beer at many places in Georgia, not just on Jekyll. But it is more fun to try it on Jekyll! I’m not an IPA drinker, but they also have a Kolsch and a Blonde that I like. Yes, Hanna Park is great and we’re so glad we found it. It was a little busy over the weekend, but there is hardly anyone here right now and it’s great! We just added on another week so we’ll be here for awhile!

  5. So so glad your puppy is feeling better!!!! So scary!!!

    We went to Jekyll for Christmas and New Years and LOVED it – I didn’t want to come home ever. It was the quietest campground I have ever been to and the biking was amazing. Hoping to get back there next Winter!

    1. We are so glad she is better too! And that campground really is shockingly quiet – we are in a campground now that is not nearly as tight, but is much noisier. I wonder what it is about that place that makes everyone so quiet?!

  6. So very sorry to read about Nikki. Thankfully, you were near some great care and Nikki is on the mend. Having a sick pet is so difficult. It’s like having a sick baby that you can’t explain to them what is going on. So glad that Nikki is on the mend:) Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

    What a gorgeous spot for a wedding. The evening was beautiful.

    With life on the road you can always head back to what you missed:)

    1. Yes, the silver lining is that we ended up with some amazing vet care, for which we are very grateful. And yes it was so hard leaving her at the vet each time because I know she couldn’t figure out why I kept leaving her! She is doing really well so far…still a little sore but eating well and she seems generally happy. We will definitely plan a return to Jekyll, as well as Beautfort and Charleston. We may even do it this fall on our return from Maine!

  7. I wish someone would start a fund for people like you who can’t afford vet care sometimes or for a list of vets that would take and make allowable payments for our fur babies! It is a very scary to know no one and which vet to go to and trust!

    1. Nikki’s surgery was very expensive, but fortunately we are in a position where we could afford it. We considered ourselves fortunate in that we could tell the vet to save her no matter what the cost, but it did make me think about how much harder it would be if we weren’t in that situation. I think many vet offices have funds set aside to help people who are in a different situation, and in fact we talked about making a donation to such a fund ourselves. It was such a scary situation as is, and worrying about the financial aspect would only make it that much worse. But I’ll admit we never got around to doing that – so thanks for the reminder. I really should look further into doing this soon!

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