Silver Springs and St Augustine

15 thoughts on “Silver Springs and St Augustine”

  1. I’m glad u enjoyed your stay at Silver Springs SP. I consider that my “home park”, since i live only about 5 miles away. It was nice to “see” it thru your eyes… I’m with you, those gators can just go away… yikes !! I have been meaning to get up to St. Augustine, and after reading your review, i definatly will make a point of doing so…
    Safe Travels…

  2. Two of our regular “go-to” for a 4 day camp parks. Oleno S.P. is nice too but sites are smaller and ticks (which love Sherry but not me) St. Augustine is usually our Christmas park if we in state. It’s beautiful downtown at Christmas and all white lights…there is a $6 Trolley ride through town with 3-d glasses for that “Kid” feeling! Cherrs, travel safe. Hug the man in the red shirt for me and take one for you and the pups! Namaste

    1. It’s a really great park – we’re hoping to return ourselves one day. Of course right now I’m super jealous of where you are – Hwy 395 is amazing and we can’t wait to go back there too!

      1. Highway 395 has been great. We just left and find ourselves in Ashland, OR. The drive from Reno to Ashland was one of the best we’ve been on…with Mt Shasta capping it off.

  3. That almost looks like the same spot we saw the alligator, maybe he just hangs out in that one spot. It’s a good thing you weren’t in a canoe with Brandon, he got me WAAAY too close to that guy. We didn’t stay at the park, but we’ll have to check it out next time.

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