Augusta, Georgia

15 thoughts on “Augusta, Georgia”

  1. just want to say the new theme looks great on the mobile phone. Well done with the switch! I know what a bear that is to do.

    1. Thank you! I always worry that people will think that big pictures take up too much room, so that’s good to know. We’re happy to have the wheels rolling again too!

  2. Enjoyed this post and love the photos. If you ever return to Augusta and don’t mind a little bit of a drive into town there are three beautiful COE parks on J Strom Thurmond Lake with big sites and lots of space.

  3. Thank you! Since we were there to visit friends we wanted to be as close to town as possible this time. But that is good information – we love COE campgrounds!

  4. The big pictures and theme look great! Do you mind me asking if you use WP or are self-hosted? I still use WP and the thought of self-hosting scares me. LOL

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