On to Virginia….and Another Bump in the Road

18 thoughts on “On to Virginia….and Another Bump in the Road”

  1. Just noooo! I have to admit I probably wouldn’t have thought much about a bug bit either, but thank goodness you have smart friends on FB. Fingers and paws crossed this is the last of your bumps in the road!


  2. Jen & Deas, first off, hope you are feeling better Jen. Bugs be gone! (Poof, I have hensforth protected you!) Feeling your pain-went last month to P/U RV and paid $2,900+ and went to drive off and noted back-up camera not working…thought they had “jiggled” wire while doing other work…But NO! New camera approx $500… It is still in shop as we have been unable to P/U due to Sherry also being in shop (i.e. surgery for gallbladder like Nikki!) So…we’ll see what’s next on the “we’re the only idiots who pay big $$$ for an RV only to drive 1000 miles down the road, have it break down and put it into shop for repairs”-(Deas sage words outside Pizza joint near Grayton Beach-1/2015!!!) And just so you know, Deas and I have to collect wood so we can pay for this crap and be “Happy Campers” regardless of cost…at least it ain’t for wood!!!

  3. Glad to hear you decided to ask for advice. This same thing happened a friend in our park while in FL. Luckily, other friends were with us and she was Nurse Practitioner. She sent the other friend packing to the doctor, as well. She was a mess by time this happened but all cleared up eventually. So glad to hear you are on the mend:) Take care:)

    Love Deas’ helper while working on the camera:) It is always something it seems. I guess driving your house down the road at 60 does that!!

    1. Yes in hindsight I’m glad I went ahead and saw someone – ER said I had waited and it got worse than it was, that they likely would have admitted me! Still can’t believe that can happen with just an innocent bug bite, but all is well now! And yes it seems we always have a “helper” or two underfoot!

  4. So glad that your arm is on the mend. Hopefully you guys won’t have any more mishaps anytime soon. Also wanted to say that I love, love, love the new blog format with larger photos 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I was worried about the pics being too big so thank you for saying that. We are headed to Shenandoah today – I’ll give you a cell status update when I can.

  5. Man, Jen! What a crazy ride! Hope the infection has been kicked to the curb and you’re ready to get on with it! Thanks for the shoutout to our blog. Now I have to get crackin’ and write something! It won’t be easy keeping up with the Nealys! We’re heading to Seattle tomorrow to get that prosthetic device fore Chester. The prototype worked great and we’re ready to get back to hiking-or even walking. Plopped down at a beautiful corp park near Nashville, checked Roxy and Cooper in to a resort and will be heading out before dawn. Safe AND healthy travels to ‘ya! Until we meet again…

  6. Wow, first the dog and now you. Good thing you went to the DR. Things seem to happen in threes for some odd reason. Thus, I think you’ve had your three’s. Hope everyone is on the mends and that camera is working.

    1. I really hope you are right about that! Still haven’t figured out the camera thing. Did have one more little piece of drama with me though….but hopefully FINALLY over all of it now!

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