Shenandoah National Park

15 thoughts on “Shenandoah National Park”

  1. Your photos are gorgeous, love the clouds in the valley! We too, are hitting Colorado a little early, but the best part is fewer people in the campgrounds!

    I hope this is the last of your bug bite woes!

    1. Thanks! Yes, no crowds was a definite perk to being there early in the season. We had the campground practically to ourselves….until Friday that is, when the masses rolled in. Luckily we left on Saturday!

  2. We were underwhelmed with Shenandoah N.P. too. HOWEVER wineries in this part of VA are FABULOUS!!! We came hoe with over 2 cases from 5 different wineries. Just sayin’!

  3. The Skyline Drive is actually the best part of the area. And, yes, fall is the time to visit. We use to take weekend motorcycle trips down the drive. The trees are always beautiful but it is sooo crowded!! You can usually see wildlife along the road since the speed limit is so low.

    Glad to hear you may be totally over the bite issue:)

    1. Well one nice thing about being there early in the season was that it wasn’t crowded at all! Except for the weekend, but by then we were ready to leave anyway. We may try to swing through again on our way back in the fall. And the only wildlife we saw was a lot of deer!

  4. We drove through last fall and it was quite spectacular. What I wouldn’t give for some cool mountain air…it is in the high 80’s here. Glad your rash cleared up. You sure none of your ailments are contagious?

  5. Despite the lack of leaves, your photos sure are gorgeous! Love the fog in the valley. It’s funny because we are only about 2.5 hours south of there this week, and all the leaves are out. Must be an elevation thing. Glad you got to hang out with Jackson and Kat.

  6. Love seeing my home on other people’s blogs! And yea… you totally have to go back in the fall. Spring and winter do NOT do it justice! I’ve been at the beach for 6 months and although I love it, I’m surprised at how much I miss those mountains!

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