Boothbay Harbor

25 thoughts on “Boothbay Harbor”

  1. The area is gorgeous and you got some great shots of it – hope to make it up there soon. Those must have been some mighty fine lobster rolls πŸ™‚

  2. My goodness, every photo is postcard worthy! Looks like you are going to eat your way through Maine, and I don’t blame you…the food looks delicious! I sure hope that $54 meal included a couple of drinks!!!

  3. So definitely a Place I would love. Not so much for the lobsters, but the lighthouses…oh my! One day for sure!

    1. I think about you every time we visit a lighthouse! We’ve commented several times how much Maine reminds of us on Oregon, so I definitely think you would like it here. And by the way the lighthouse host was very impressed when we knew about Fresnel lenses – I told him it was because of our awesome lighthouse hosts friends!

  4. Good to see that Red’s Eats hasn’t changed at all! We haven’t been there in three years. I paid $20 for the lobster roll then. I’m assuming the price has gone up with your $54 price. But they do give you an entire lobster and then some in each toll and you don’t have to do all the work:) I really like the fact that they don’t put anything on it, also. Worth the stop:) On our second trip to Maine I learned to stop at one of the lobster fisherman’s homes to get lobsters. They were much cheaper. They usually have little signs by the road. They cooked them for free. I would get five and then come home and clean them. So good!!!

    Your photos are gorgeous! I’m with Lisa, they look like post cards:)

    1. We paid $21 for each lobster roll – but we also got the zucchini and a bottle of water. And yes there sure was a lot of lobster in each roll! Good tip on the lobstermen’s homes – we’ll have to try that. And thank you!

  5. We absolutely loved Maine! Are you headed to Acadia NP? hope so, it was magnificent! One of my favorite places yet and we’ve been on the road since early November.

  6. We’ve haven’t visited that area of the country yet, but now I feel like we have! Great writing and pictures as always. Now when we make it up there, we’ll know where to eat. Thanks for sharing your great adventures! Susan

    1. Thank you! And this is our first time visiting this part of the country also – and so far we really love it! We’re now in Bar Harbor and will be here for 4 weeks so I should have much more to write about!

  7. We LOVED Maine and can’t wait to go back. Pemaquid Point was great, we enjoyed climbing around on the rocks. I’d recommend heading further north, anything north of Bar Harbor is less “touristy” and will be just as charming. Cobscook Bay was practically deserted when we were there and we loved it.

    1. We did head north from there…just stayed in Camden (which we loved) and now we are in Bar Harbor for 4 weeks before we head into Canada. Since we’re here for so long I’m sure we’ll do some day trips – so I will make a note of Cobsook Bay!

  8. Really enjoyed these quintessential Maine photos and tales. Espec. liked the gull photos with fishing on the shoreline. Great post! πŸ˜€

  9. Making me awfully jealous you are!!! I’d likely be iodine poisoning myself into a stupor!! Have fun and love to the pups and of course Mr. Thrifty. (Deas and I are in sync there…there has to be one in the couple!)😚 Namaste, Kim & Sherry

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