Oh, Canada!

11 thoughts on “Oh, Canada!”

  1. I am enjoying your posts. We are about three weeks behind you in our travels heading into Maine shortly then crossing over to Canada, PEI, etc. We are a bit concerned about the border crossing as well and I’m glad to hear it went so smoothly for you! Thanks for sharing the info!!!

    1. I hope it goes smoothly for you as well. We crossed over near Calais – we were the only people going through at the time (mid afternoon.) Now I’m getting nervous about crossing back into the US!

    1. Yeah, the bugs were a bummer. As long as there was a breeze, everything was okay…but when the breeze stopped it was awful! We had to run off of trails twice it was so bad. I hope they figure out the situation with the bats soon.

  2. Shorty is never going to look at a cow the same way again!

    Looks like this was a great eating stop! It’s too bad about the mosquito’s, I’m glad you managed to get away from them!

    1. Yep we did have some great meals – still drooling over those mussels. The mosquitoes were terrible – you know how much I hate bugs! Of course I should have mentioned that we went from mosquitoes to crazy kids with bubble machines….lol.

  3. We really enjoy PEI. During our last visit to the Maritimes, we booked the month of July at a park on a peninsula on PEI. It could have been a great time except that it was so cold and extremely windy. We had to have our little electric heaters all day. So they gave us a refund and we moved on after just a week. Aren’t the mussels jsut heavenly. We would buy them in the grocery store for $.99 a pound. I would cook a couple pounds every night. Did you see the huge yellow fields of canola? They are so pretty.

    You are probably through with Nova Scotia by now. But if you aren’t check our blog for the location of the tidal bore. It is amazing and we meet the man who predicts this happening.

    When you head back, look at stopping in St. Andrew’s, NB. It is a cute little town and the Kiwanis Campground faces the water where they have the huge tides.

    In order to truly appreciate the Reversing Falls you need to visit three times in one day…once in the morning when it is going one way, noon to see the calm lake effect, and later in the day for the falls going the opposite way. A very strange phenomenon!

    I hope you loved NS as much as we did! Can’t wait to hear what you found:)

  4. We’re still in Nova Scotia, right now in Halifax. It’s been raining the whole time so it’s cutting into our sight seeing plans! We’ve got another couple weeks here before heading back to Maine, and so far we are really liking it. I do have my eyes on that Kiwanis campground for when we return. I searched your blog and found the PEI posts but not the Nova Scotia ones – when were you there?

    1. John and I were just talking and realized that we visited Nova Scotia twice, once on a motorcycle trip and then the summer before we went full time we went to Halifax in the MH. We hadn’t started our blog yet! Darn! All the info on the tidal bore and the gentleman we met and followed around to various sites is in our photo albums back in PA…we are in NY! But we did make two different stops in St. Andrew’s. They have a wonderful coffee shop in town called Honeybeans. They make outstanding coffees and out of this world scones. I hope the same couple still owns it. They did last summer because we sent friends there. Have a great time in NS. Hope your weather improves!!! Make sure you have Digby Scallops!

      1. Yes definitely planning on getting some Digby scallops! Are you in NY now? What are your plans the next couple of months? After we head back to Maine we’re going to stay in the area for awhile and also visit Vermont. If you’ll be in the NE too maybe we can finally meet up somewhere!

  5. We’ll be spending time in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and then back into Maine in September so we shouldn’t have to worry about mosquitoes. Never been to PEI, thanks for the heads up on what it’s like, guess we’ll pass on it. So much to see in the other provinces though!

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