Cape Breton Island

14 thoughts on “Cape Breton Island”

  1. No, it’s not possible to get tired of pictures of colorful fishing harbors! This looks like such a lovely part of the country…thank you for taking me there because I don’t know if I’ll ever make it there myself!

  2. Am always amazed at how much your Nikki looks like our Abby! Love the picture of Deas helping Jake with his photo pose. lol Awesome pictures as always, and thanks for sharing your fabulous adventures! Susan & Russ

  3. We are going to Nova Scotia during the summer of 2016. When is the earliest we can make reservations?
    Really enjoying your writing and photographs, beautiful.

    1. We made all of our reservations in April of this year – I’m not sure when exactly you can start making them, but in April we had no problem booking whatever we wanted. Hope that helps and enjoy your trip!

  4. What a beautiful area that we hope to visit one day. I LOVE the red chair idea. So clever. Looks like some great trails and such beautiful scenery!

  5. Hey Kat and Jackson your post and pics. Deas and the pups are so cute. I know he likes to be called cute. We only have Pink but have had to put a backup leash in the truck because duh we forget the leash also. Looks so beautiful and fun. Hope we meet again down the road.

  6. Skyline Trail is really worth to walk. We took it in September last year and had a great time. Sadly we saw no wildlifearound, but the view is spectacular. If you want to stay closer to the Trail I recommend Hideaway CG about halfway around the Cabot Trail. Really nice spot with great hosts and fresh food. And not as remote as Meat Cove. Our 31 ft. Class C fitted nicely. Wooded lot with enough privacy. We are already plannig our trip for the next year. PEI is on the list as well 😉

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