Fundy National Park

15 thoughts on “Fundy National Park”

  1. Sorry you had rain and missed St. Andrew’s. It is one of my favorite little towns. But rain would take away the beauty.

    I discovered that when it comes to lobster, big isn’t always the best. I found that lobsters right around a pound to a pound and a quarter are the best flavor and sweetest. I had a three pound guy at one of the lobster pounds and was disappointed how tough and flavorless he was.

    Love those huge tides!! So fun!

    1. I heard great things about St. Andrew’s – it will definitely be on our list for a return visit. And totally agree about the lobster – we ate a LOT of it while we were in Maine. The smaller ones are definitely better. Another reason that I hope he put that old, big guy back in the water!

  2. Those lobsters remind me of the 3 bears- papa lobsta, mama lobsta, and baby lobsta! And Deas is Goldilocks eating them trying to find the one that is just right.

  3. I don’t know about Canada’s regulations but in Maine they can’t keep them if they are over a certain size, and they check for females with eggs and have to toss them back in as well.

  4. Just found your beautiful web site and the wonderful photo’s you post. Being raised in the maritimes I so enjoyed your travel news. I am from Nova Scotia, but never traveled the Cabot Trail. Did you park the coach and drive the trail or can a coach make it all the way around?
    The Roaming Ross’s
    Garry and Evie

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment! We only drove the RV as far as our campground, and then we explored the rest of the Cabot Trail with the car. We did meet a few people who had driven the whole loop in their RV so it can be done. Most people seemed to recommend doing in the clockwise direction. There are lots of steep grades, so if you are comfortable with that, then you could probably do it.

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