A Rainy Week in Halifax

15 thoughts on “A Rainy Week in Halifax”

  1. Wow Jennifer, those first two shots are stunning and marketable – perfect for note cards, etc. Sorry the weather didn’t hold up. That’s the beauty of living in a home on wheels… moving on 🙂

    1. Thanks…at least I got one or two good shots before the weather turned so bad! And yep we moved on….we’re already back in Maine! Have one more post on Canada to write but after that we just hightailed it back to Bar Harbor.

  2. I continue to enjoy you trip to this part of the world and look forward to getting up there next summer. We’re finally on the road and in North Platte, NE.

    1. We’ve had a really great summer in the NE and I’m sure you will too next summer. Sounds like you’ve got a good trip yourself planned for now though…we are planning on the PNW next summer ourselves!

  3. what are you using to edit your photos? I don’t normally use anything and the software I bought a few years ago I never figured out how to use and now it’s not compatible with the new Windows! I really liked your sunset photos. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I mainly use Lightroom for editing. Sometimes I also use a program called Nik. Lightroom is pretty easy to learn – I bought a book when I got it and it helped a lot.

  4. We live in Washington state, worse drought in 100 plus years, over 25 days of nearly 100 degree heat, wildfires and no ski season, no rain, no snow. We came out this way in 1978 and it is hotter than that year which broke all records over the entire west, Colorado too..Now the meterologists are saying no rain and no snow again, this year..wow whee if I wanted to live in hell I guess we could have moved to Arizona and Nevada or northern California but no the pacific northwest is tooooo hot for us..we go to the beach all the time a tiny cabin of friends we have known since kindergarten I cry when we have to leave to come home, we take our 3 cats toooooo! enough already..If you visit here remember it is breaking every heat record and Larry from the south BE PREPARED, the heat also has heavy humidity and it makes visiting places very uncomfortable..Poor Seattle they are crying they had 11 days of 90 degree temps well boooo hoooh for them we have had over 25 days of near 100 degree temps. we were forced to buy 2 a/c units just to live in our tiny 1200 square foot home or die not getting them, the place was packed and we got the last 2 oh, my living lord, I have prayed for some rain and any kind of temp drop but it doesn’t seem to come to us..Be aware if you come to Washington or Oregon it is HOT HOT AND MORE HOT!~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So sorry you are dealing with so much heat! We went out west the past two summers, including 1 week in Washington (on the coast) and 6 weeks in Oregon in 2013. My brother lives in Oregon so we will be returning next year. I guess we picked a good year to come to Maine as I think this is one of the few places in the country that isn’t getting extreme heat right now. I hope the weather cools off for you soon.

  6. Long, long time and no posts. Are you both well? I have an excuse for my drought: Kat’s working and our travel season is on furlough. Post something, anything: your public demands it!


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