Exploring more of Florida

15 thoughts on “Exploring more of Florida”

    1. Yep that’s an Anhinga. Love those birds. If you are ever in the Everglades National Park in the winter make sure to take a walk on the Anhinga trail you might just see baby Anhingas. What a treat!

  1. We like that part of Florida and will take a close look at this state park. I’m with you on the ceiling mirrors as they add cost, weight, and cleaning opportunities.

  2. Hi from Finland! Rainbow Springs looks lovely. Such fun photos of you hubby in the showers – those sure are for “short” people. We’re looking for a new boat which has a small restroom and sometimes even I, who am on the shortside, can’t stand up straight in them! :/ But RV’s are so much more spacious all in all, so you would expect to be able to stand up straight in the shower 😛

    1. Yes, I don’t think many RVs are made with tall people in mind! I just clicked over to your blog and saw all your posts on the Cape Coral area – so funny as that is where we are right now!

      1. Wow how amazing to hear you are in Cape Coral! I hope you get to visit some of the places I’ve mentioned (there’s a few more posts on the area coming up :P) – thanks for stopping by!

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