The Florida Keys

12 thoughts on “The Florida Keys”

  1. Deas,
    My hubby had an abscessed appendix back in early March while we were rving in Sarasota. Had to spend a week in the hospital near Tampa. And still went home to south AL with loads of meds. Finally got that appendix out June 1. Feeling lots better! Glad u are too.

    Haig & Haig Adventures

  2. Glad Deas was able to get some help rather quickly. Hope all is now healed and he is feeling much better.

    The Keys are so much fun. You can only visit downtown Key West when there aren’t any cruise ships in the port. We quickly learned to check the cruise schedule before heading into town. You photos are beautiful:)

    1. We did check the cruise ship schedule – it was still crowded! Luckily we’ve both spent time in Key West before so we didn’t feel like we were missing out on too much. Deas is FINALLY doing better although he almost had to have sinus surgery – more on that in next post.

  3. Poor Deas!! I’m glad you were sake to get it taken care of, but terrible that his original dentist didn’t think it was a big deal. Thank goodness you caught it before the infection had spread even further!

    Great roundup of the Keys by the way. I’ve got to save this post!


    1. Yes that was the most frustrating part – I wish the other dentist had warned us that an abscess/root canal was a possibility – we would have gone to a dentist sooner. I still can’t believe how bad the infection was – what an ordeal! I wish I’d had more details to write about it – we really just didn’t do that much since he wasn’t feeling great. I guess we’ll just have to go back next year!

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