More time in FL

3 thoughts on “More time in FL”

  1. I went through a similar problem many years ago. My allergist said the surgery should be a last option because there is a chance that you may develop scar tissue and that is worse. So, luckily, the antibiotics cleared me up, too. Hope Deas is better by now:) Love your header!!

  2. I had the same problem with a bad tooth that led to a sinus infection that lasted 2.5 years. The doctors put me on antibiotics which were completely ineffective so I gave up the first round. After a couple years I went back and they put me on antibiotics again. And again ineffective so they kept upping the toxicity of the antibiotics until I couldn’t feel my legs. Then they wanted to do surgery but couldn’t tell me why. Just to make money. They never told me there are 4 types of sinus infection and they only know how to treat bacterial. I finally went homeopathic and cleared it up completely in less than a week. After 2.5 years of discomfort!! 10 years later and it’s never recurred.

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