Very long catch-up post

5 thoughts on “Very long catch-up post”

  1. Sherry & I had been missing your posts & photography so thanks Jen! We had a lovely but rainy fall trip this year to Niagra Falls, Saratoga and upstate NY. Then, we travelled with the kitties Ozzie & Sarki to Bar Harbor and Acadia NP for our 2nd round (only longer!) to the area. Hope to catch you and Deas again on the road soon. Let us know if you are in Florida. Namaste!

    1. Wow! Great blog! We are just looking at our first RV purchase so I was googling Tiffin 34QFA and found your blog. What amazing pics and looks like you guys are having fun. I wanted to reach out to Kim because we are in Florida, and her trip to Acadia NP sounds like what we want to do as well as Bar Harbor. I’m excited to start traveling in the RV (once we get one). We were torn between the 33AA, 37PA (love the bathroom) and 34QFA. We want to start small to see if we even like the lifestyle, so wanted to know how you like yours? Thanks for your blog, it’s inspiring!

  2. You did not disappoint with this catch up blog! I’m looking forward to reading and seeing about 2018. Love your photography!

  3. Oh my!, Thank you for the update. Again we want your life. We had a blast at the Tampa RV show last weekend. Learned a lot, heading to Dallas over my 60th to look at some RVs and visit friends down in Austin. Keep in touch

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